Philipp Braun

Philipp Braun

Philipp Braun, who was born in Hamburg / Germany, grew up as a child shaped by music. His parents, who are both musicians, formed his future in a characteristically way. Philipp Braun started quite early to evolve himself with all different styles of music until he met electronic music with the age of 16. From this time onwards he listend to various artists in the scene and found his love in the genre „Techno“.

He started off with his first productions at the end of 2015 and managed very quickly to inspire well known record labels like Klinik Room Recordings, Level One Records, Hot Cue Records, NG Records, Cubek Records,… as well as many people and event organizer around the world. With his first EP „Sleepwalker“, which was released on Klinik Room Recordings, he proves his musical strength with powerful and massive sounds. This was followed by many other publications by himself. In the beginning of 2016 he was already booked for various events, e.g. the Baltic Spring Break Festival. Philipp Braun knows how to impress the people with his style of music. His music is now being played around the world in many clubs and at various festivals.

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