Marcio Kantana

Marcio Kantana

Marcio Kantana works successful as producer and Live-Act since the nineties. In his Live-Sets, which could last 2 hours without any problems, he predominantly use analogous, but also digital tone generator are exployed. With his individual sound, which can be described as Deep with vocals and Minimal influence, he lets the partypeople´s heart flutter. 2002 Marcio started with producing. A own, new sound is noticeable even here, which is distinctive and appeals to the audience. The experienced, ambitious artist loses oneself in his task and operates day and night in the studio.

Marcio publishs several productions on Ostfunk Records, Farbton Records, Modulat Music und 4Bit. In spring 2008 he found the label Aspekt Records. Together and not against each other, this attitude to life for the label founder and main artist is as well important as a good sound on his label. So all productions goes over his table. In December 2008 the first release comes out on his Aspek t. Since then, Aspekt Records develops itself to a successful label, which shines every month with a new production on vinyl. With remixes from Haito, Bjoern Nafe, Mike Wall, Fengari and other top artists, with whose Marcio Kantana cooperates long ago. In September 2009 the album "Together" (Aspekt 010) comes out, the name shall emphasizes the strong connection between the label artists and their performer colleagues. Releases on Aspekt Records: Aspekt 01, Aspekt 02, Aspekt 05, Aspekt 09, Aspekt 010.s. In den vergangenen Jahren konnten Bookings in, Russland, Schweiz, Dänemark, Polen & England auf die Liste der besuchten Länder der Kofferboys geschrieben werden.


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